Thursday, March 15, 2012

Past and Present

So, I finally have something relevant to blog about. Its funny how blogging here defined the time of my life when 'I had some clarity'. Blogging has become a distant memory and I am beginning to think its because like many other fellow designers I know I have been lost and confused. ANYWAY..back to things that matter:

A little background to this work is that 'Information is beautiful' is David McCandless' website and they come up with challenges then and now. This one was called challenge of the stars. For more details you can check out his work and events. The task was to take this data and visualize it. When I opened the doc, I was overwhelmed by the levels, layers and complexity of the data. 2 weeks down the timeline and this is where it was leading:

Full View
It tells you how a film stood on audience rating and industry rating and which studio, genre it belonged to. Films shown here belonged to the year 2011. So, a film that was loved by the audience wasn't necessarily the critics' favorite (happens with many chick flicks). My biggest concern here, was following the lines to studios and the fact that the names of the movies were missing. There is something about network visualisations, they look pretty and intense, but following the lines just seems so taxing. Personally after doing this iteration, I am not a fan of complex network visualisations. I shall search for comprehensive network visualization examples.

So, at this point I started rethinking the story I was trying to tell and wondering if I was introducing unnecessary complexity. How I wished I could make this interactive (makes visualizing layers of information so much easier). *sigh*

Well here is an image that exposes the names of the films, to help you understand better

Full View
Well, with half of my time sucked into this and not more than 4 days left to the deadline, naturally I *freaked out*. Thankfully an extension came as a blessing and I took a completely new direction. COMPLETELY!!! New story, new direction, new data and as a result, new visualization. This one shows performance of different genres across 5 years, it also shows contribution of the best films of the genre to the genre's success.

For a clearer view check it out here

Of all the design projects I have done till date, this one showed the most drastic change in direction during the process. I am glad in a way, that I could explore two different directions in 3 weeks.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crash of the Titans

A clearer view here

Another year went by but I never forgot this domain existed. Here is something I worked on this past year. Since studies came to and end, I guess 2011 went by without any highlights. Here is hoping 2012 turns out good and productive for everyone, especially me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Post

So its been really long since i posted on this blog...realllllly long almost a year. Time really flies by. In this time I finished my grad college and did my diploma project. Here are some artworks from my diploma project documentation. ARTWORKS have a concept behind it, but its not necessary that you will get it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Semi Infographic 2

Some info on polythene bags and the possibilty of having an alternative pee poo bag for local masses. Inspired by rajkamal aich's style (arrows mainly). Wanted to try how it looked...

An infographic explaining advantages of azolla plant. It takes up nitrogen for its growth. An essential plant when it comes to sustainable living. its completely healthy and edible (we even tried dishes made with azolla).

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My own biosand filter

After I made my biosand filter last week, I thought it was a good idea to put all my reflections together. This is a simple infograph on the subject. There is no point doing something without understanding the reason and logic behind it. During the process of making this infograph, I researched a lot and familiarised myself with various aspects and topics related to a biosand filter.

Last week we went through a step by step procedure of making a biosand filter using used pet bottle, m-seal, straw and sand. The steps are simple and you can have a look at them here: Biosand magic

It is simple, effective, easy to make, cheap and can be one of the most useful products in times of need when everything else seems to fail.

Possible applications of biosand filter:

This was done only with pet bottles but there are other materials we can explore with like disposed tin cans, glass bottles (if one can make holes). It depends on what one wants from their bio filter. Glass is not really feasible and tin cans are not transparent.


courtesy: Aajwanthi Bardwaj

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A long bored weekend led to some intricate details and patterns. Two of them parting ways but bound in the same framework.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Open Air

A feeling I would love to have..carefree