Thursday, February 4, 2010

My own biosand filter

After I made my biosand filter last week, I thought it was a good idea to put all my reflections together. This is a simple infograph on the subject. There is no point doing something without understanding the reason and logic behind it. During the process of making this infograph, I researched a lot and familiarised myself with various aspects and topics related to a biosand filter.

Last week we went through a step by step procedure of making a biosand filter using used pet bottle, m-seal, straw and sand. The steps are simple and you can have a look at them here: Biosand magic

It is simple, effective, easy to make, cheap and can be one of the most useful products in times of need when everything else seems to fail.

Possible applications of biosand filter:

This was done only with pet bottles but there are other materials we can explore with like disposed tin cans, glass bottles (if one can make holes). It depends on what one wants from their bio filter. Glass is not really feasible and tin cans are not transparent.


courtesy: Aajwanthi Bardwaj

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sharvari said...

Wow..nice info-graph!!